Make your own masterpiece!

Make your own masterpiece!

PAINTING 4 Fun is 4 Sale!

The sale includes the established name, this website, current advertising in place for several more months 50 paintings and customer list. There is no storefront. $5,000.00 - Contact Dianne at 623-889-4439

Classes now by appointment for groups of 5 or more.

Paint Parties, Surprise AZ - You can paint your own!

Have you ever thought about painting, but don't believe you can? Would you like your own masterpiece hanging on your living room wall, but are scared to try?

We can show you how!! That's what we do at Painting 4 Fun.

Does that sound impossible?

It's not!

Everything you need to paint your own masterpiece

All supplies are provided for adults and youth, ages 6 and up, to paint with the artist step by step with very simple, basic strokes. Group painting! Come with your friends and complete a 16"x20" painting in just 2 to 3 hours or an 8"x10" painting in one or two hours, make your own painting party!

We use acrylic paints which dry very quickly making it possible to leave the class with a dry painting. Then it's ready to hang on the wall when you get home.

You're not on your own - we walk you through your painting

A completed painting is on display as the artist shows you how to "load" your brush with paint. The artist also demonstrates how to move the brush across the canvas so you can complete a painting you can proudly share with others.

These acrylic paintings make wonderful gifts for relatives, coworkers, and friends.

The exciting part is that no two acrylic paintings will turn out looking exactly the same because we are all unique in the way we do things.

Break free and get painting

We have paint parties every week, so you'll never have to wait long to start on your new painting. Don't wait, check out our calendar and book your spot today!

Alcohol Ink Classes

We also have alcohol ink classes! The alcohol ink classes are where the timidest participant can really shine and walk away with several beautiful creations on tiles and/or paper!!


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"I want to let everyone know what a fun experience it is to go to the Painting4Fun classes. So far I’ve done a canvas painting and an alcohol ink class and I’ve never had so much fun!

Dianne is a wonderful instructor and is so much fun. The classes are relaxing and a blast. You come away knowing you created something you never thought you could do.

All materials are supplied and prices are reasonable. I know I’m hooked and can’t wait till the next project I undertake with Painting4Fun."

Betty Pool

"I am not artistic at all and did not know what to expect going to this class, along with several others, that was being conducted by Dianne Gibson. She was fantastic. Her instructions were precise, spoken slowly so we could all follow along and she made it fun. We didn't have to know what we were doing; the first tile was abstract. I was so glad I went and intend to go again. Thank you for including this class in your curriculum, It's appreciated"

Lynda P.

"I LOVED both of the classes that I took. Our instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and most helpful. In the first class we painted a desert scene and in the second class we did alcohol painting on tiles. There were about eight of us in the class. We had such a good time. I look forward to the next class in November. THANKS !!! "

Gail Parks

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